Portland OR to Berkeley CA, September 2018

After a visit in Portland Oregon at McCuddys Marina on Hayden Island where Omily and I were welcomed by Mark McCuddy  (Mark also has a Cascade 36 which he campaigns in the Northwest),  his father the founder of McCuddys Marinas (five of them) and Andrew the excellent and friendly Harbormaster who made space for Omily.

Omily sailed from Portland OR on August  2018 bound down the Columbia River to Ilwaco WA at the river’s mouth.

The fires burning throughout the Westerns States and British Colombia produced so much smoke that breathing was very difficult with my asthma, but I was too tired to go on.  The next two pictures were taken  while anchored near Cathlamet WA


In the morning the smoke was a little lighter but sleep had not refreshed me so I raised anchor and sailed downstream hoping for cleaner air near the coast.   I found cleaner air and anchored  early afternoon at Tongue Point just east of Astoria.  I stayed a few days to breath the cleaner air and recover my energy enough to sail the 5 hours on to Ilwaco.



Under the bridge Astoria Oregon to Washington State


In Ilwaco WA Omily was hauled and new bottom paint was applied while raising the water line in anticipation of sailing in the warm waters of the tropics.

Pettit Trinidad SR bottom paint held up quite good. Painted 2 coats at launch in Feb. 2015, sailed 8000 ocean miles and a few hundred river miles. No complaints
Repainted with the same Pettit Trinidad SR bottom paint but black after using up all the blue I could find. 3 coats this time.
New sacrificial zincs, and a Spurs line cutter were added



Sundown southbound 100+ miles out of the Columbia River and still forest fire smoke in the air





#3 Genoa poled out while southbound downwind at 6+ knots




Jeff Spears, a happy crew glad to be back to sea again



I’ll edit and add lots more to this page as time allows.  Been preparing and provisioning Omily for the coming southbound voyage to the Sea of Cortez and beyond.