Valeo 55 – Laminated Ferro Cement

I worked for Fibersteel Corp. in the early 70’s and have posted info below on the Laminated Ferro Cement process and some video of the Fibersteel drydock (with a Valeo 55 sailboat in it) and the mold building.  Fibersteel Corp. built the Valeo 55′ yacht in a female mold by embedding several layers of expanded metal lath into  an  acrylic mortar mix  producing a layup without voids and with a comparable finish to fiberglass.

  • Here is the video I filmed in 87 while visiting Fibersteel in West Sacramento CA,  Fibersteel in ’87  it is quite slow to load.
  • To learn more about Laminated Ferro Cement the best and primary site for all things ferrocement is the FEN (Ferrocement Education Network):  there you will find all your answers if they are known, and a group of great people including world experts on LFC (Laminated Ferro Cement).  There is also a bit more info on the Fibersteel process.