Sailing Reading (& Watching) Material


Getting it all together:

Here’s some of the Cruising with Bettie video on vimeo’s  Sailing Channel

I stumbled upon this excellent utube series of a single hand sailor and the beginning of her cruising life:

 Alexander Selkirk – the Real Robinson Crusoe
The Tangaroa Expedition (The Kon-Tiki Expedition) 1912
Sailing The South Pacific (The Lost Soul)
A Different Life (Kids point of view)
For those Anarchists among  you
Stories from the Rainbow Warrior
Sailing The Dream                                                                                                                                    Part 1                          Part 2          Part 3                         Part 4 just watch!


Confessions of a Long-Distance Sailor, download and read it:

Sea Talk Nautical Dictionary

Sailing Alone Around the World, The Voyage of the Liberdade & More
The Cruise of the Kate, 1870