Adventures of the Cascade 36′ sailboat SV Omily

10/30/18  NEW PAGE:  Portland Oregon to Berkeley California

7/25/18 NEW PAGE:  La Paz to Portland Oregon


North Pacific, Dolphins
120 Miles off the mouth of the Columbia River


Over the last year Omily has been sailing the western coast of the US and is now in Mexico and sailing the Sea of Cortez.  Current info on the Omily Sails page.

July 2016 I’ve added a new page:  Omily Sails which will be more of a sailing log about the adventures and whereabouts of the Sailing Vessel Omily.  I will slowly add to the rest of the site as time allows, but the new stuff will be primarily on this new page Omily Sails.


March 2016,  I’ve taken the last several months off traveling and visiting in California and am now awaiting a little dryer spring weather before returning to Portland OR and re-commissioning the boat.  Not much left to do before sailing.  Planning to head to Puget Sound for the shake-down cruise and sail around in Northwest waters until summer.    I don’t have good internet access so will be slow to add new users quickly.  I will be adding lots of new stuff as I get going and have reliable upload ability.



Just after launch

Off to the Marina.  Very wet and very happy!IMG_1025-sm


 She is now afloat and on her lines.  Still lots to do, the mizzen mast is in my shop awaiting completion.  It will be home to a AirX wind generator on top, radar below that, solar below that, and various antennas and sensors for weather and AIS.   I’ve added two pages on the rebuilding of Simpson Lawrence Sea Tiger 555 anchor windlasses and on making a Jordan Series Drogue. 

Omily is now a Yawl, no longer a want2b and with  her Wind Generator and Radar on high.   Much closer to sea trials and proof of concept.  Fingers crossed, anxious to sail and excited.


This blog is primarily about my boats both past and present, and will include info about many things of interest to DIY sailboat builders and cruising sailors.  Please come back to check out what has been added/revised.

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                         Cascade 36  Refit in 182 Seconds (Slide Show)


         Preview of the Valeo 55 page:   Visit to Fibersteel in ’87 (Video)




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